ASHRAE Technical Committee 3.1 - Refrigerants and Secondary Coolants


TC 3.1 is concerned with all properties and functions of refrigerants and secondary coolants, including commercial and experimental materials.


  • Chair: Ms. Debra Kennoy
  • Vice-Chair: Dr. Mark McLinden
  • Secretary: Mr. Stephen Kujak
  • Research: Ms. Barbara Minor
  • Standards: Mr. Bill Walter
  • Program: Dr. Chris Seeton
  • Handbook: Mr. Kevin Connor
  • Webmaster: Mr. Sean Cunningham

Next meeting will be held at the ASHRAE Summer Meeting in Seattle, Sheraton Hotel, June 30th 2014

  • Research: Monday 11-1pm, Aspen (2)
  • Program-Handbook: Monday 2:15-3:45pm, Ballard (3)
  • Main Committee: Monday 4:15-6:30pm, Ballard (3) AGENDA Revision 2